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What is LED-Neon?
Good Question! LED-Neon, which we use in our custom signs, contains hundreds of little LED’s in a silicone shell which creates the appearance of neon. In many ways LED-Neon is much better than traditional neon as it is brighter, more energy efficient and you can do a whole bunch of cool things with it using our remotes! The one advantage traditional neon has is its softer glow compared with LED-neon hence why we use it for our desktop lights.
Is it easy to install?
We’d like to think so. We’ve even created a series of exclusive tutorial videos which all our customers are sent to make sure mounting your sign is a walk in the park! 
How long should my sign last?
The LED’s used in our signs have a typical lifespan of approximately 42,000 hours constant usage (a whole lot of time, basically). Towards the end of this lifetime, the LED’s will dim and eventually turn off entirely. If you’re looking to increase the longevity of your sign, good practice is to turn your sign off for an entire 24 hours every two weeks, although if your sign isn’t on constantly this could be disregarded. Our neon lights have a larger average lifespan of approximately 45,000 hours.
Is my sign safe?

For our signs, the answer is yes. Our signs are low voltage (12v) and all the LED’s and wiring and contained within the PVC tubing. Because our signs are also completely LED-Neon, they give off very little heat and are completely safe to touch and be placed in your child’s room. For our desktop lights, we advise against placing them in your child’s room as there is risk of breakage of the glass tubes. Regarding electrical safety: all our signs, desktop lights and transformers have SDOC forms and supporting certifications available to prove their compliance US standards. (they’re fully compliant with rigorous international electrical standards).

How long is shipping?
Our lights are all shipped via courier and should arrive in the below timeframes depending on your location. On average, our signs get to our US customers in 7-10 business days! 
Will my light be damaged during transit?

Both are signs and lights have a significant amount of protection put in before they are sent to you, it’s almost certain that they’ll arrive in the same condition that they left us!

Am I able to return my sign?
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer refunds on custom signs currently as each sign is custom made! However, if there is any fault with your sign at all within the warranty period we will fix it for you completely free of charge.
Warranty offered?
Yes! We offer a 1-year warranty on our desktop lights and all our custom signs. 
Financing Options?
Through one of our great 'buy-now, pay later' providers, Afterpay! We get that big investments in your space can be a bit hard to pay while you’ve got bills due so we chose to partner with the payment provider that allowed you the most time! We also offer payment methods using all the major payment providers.
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